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Meander Valley

The Meander Valley

Meander Valley is centrally located in the heart of Northern Tasmania. The municipality covers an area of approximately 3,821 square kilometres that stretches for Prospect Vale in the east (adjacent to Launceston), to Parramatta Creek in the west (a 15 minute drive from Devonport), to Birralee in the north and Liena in the south. Meander Valley is a large and diverse area of Tasmania's northern region, which offers an assortment of enticing lifestyle opportunities. The varying landscape ranges from alpine mountain peaks to extensively forested areas, productive agricultural lands, historic towns and villages, and even an urban community of Launceston. There are abundant small businesses and major enterprises, such as Federal Country Club Casino and Tasmanian Alkaloids, which offer great employment prospects to locals. The Meander Valley skyline is dominated by the mountains of the Great Western Tiers and World Heritage Area, which form a dramatic backdrop to a rural landscape that in many areas is divided by traditional English hedges. Small townships and villages are found throughout the area. The seamless combination of mountains and rural landscapes, villages and townships gives Meander Valley its' unique look and feel; something that visitors recognise as distinctly Tasmanian.   

For further information about the Meander Valley region please call us at Harcourts Meander Valley on 03 6362 4405 or access the links below:  

Meander Valley Enterprise Centre
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Meander Valley Council
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Mole Creek & Chudleigh
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