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Property Management

It's your property, your asset, your investment. 

And we understand that every property is different and every person is different. So we tailor our approach to delivering the best result, the way you want it. 

Why choose a property management firm? Because we can save you time and make you more money.

At Harcourts Meander Valley, we do things differently. As a landlord or tenant, your main point of call is a fully licensed estate agent who is also one of our directors - this translates to someone fully invested in doing the right thing for you, your property and your future - because our success is defined by your satisfaction.

Being a good property manager is not just about knowing legislation. It's about being able to build a relationship with two parties that are completely different, and maintain that relationship. It's not just careful planning and attention to detail, it's also about being human and being respectful, doing the right thing. Our team is committed to being the best people we can be so that you can achieve the next level. 

What do you get when you combine professional, friendly people that want you to be your best, with the latest technologies, real estate qualifications, marketing qualifications, management qualifications and years of experience? A team that can service your property needs in every imagineable way, so you can be you.